Don’t Just Watch!

Lots of people go bird watching. They bring their camera and binoculars, plop themselves down in the woods or the desert somewhere, and just watch. They don’t help the birds survive, they just watch them.

twp eagles

Learn Their Habits!

Don’t just watch any birds! Specifically don’t just watch eagles because they need our help. These massive, powerful birds of prey play a very important role in the environment. Their habits will show you how.


Identify Endangered Species!

Many of the world’s largest eagles have already gone extinct, and several more could join them. Critically endangered species include the Philippine Eagle but not the Bald Eagle. It was endangered, but conservationists saved it.


Save the Eagles!

How would you like to save the world, at least as far as eagles are concerned? Conservationists work hard to save them all the time, but ranchers and wind farms make their job very difficult.